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TIP: Bitcoin Bullish and Bearish gains high/low research for gain


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Why Bitcoin is more Bearish than Bullish on the stock-market in 2018 a continuance to create friction or build future crypto momentum to stabilise its volatility.
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In late 2015, the beginning of a global economic crisis was looming another created mislead stock market crash? Three years later it has created a ton of friction, especially when it involves tangible and intangible commodities/currencies fiat, gold, silver, oil, and cryptocurrencies in countries poor and well developed.
The devaluation of currencies such as the US Dollar, Yuan, Ruble, Pound, or Euro have had its ups and downs, has seen its significant negative kick to the curve. Issues! Alternatively, should we say countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Brazil are falling into hyperinflation it could bring massive devastation economically on a global structure? President Trump has somehow stabilised the US economy he began raising concerns about other countries taking advantage of America's resources, economics, and mass loss of jobs before his win of the Presidency in 2016. The world's economy before then shaky volatile and still is today Thursday the thirteenth of September 2018. The only difference is President Trump has been giving the status quo a run for there money. Give or take today his trillion plus dollar success have put America back in business.
However, it does not mean America is in the clear. On the other hand, an alliance and partnership between Russia, Germany, Iran and Turkey could plan a currency alliance to become self-reliant and move away from the US Petro-Dollar the seriousness of this pact could end the number one trading currency and bring it to its knees. High inflation, global unemployment, global warming, war, terrorism throwing fuel on the fire causing chaos, anarchy, crisis; around the world.
A ray of light for the tiny gain but a foot through the door for Bitcoin and other Altcoins was great through 2017 with record profits and gains till the end of Christmas 2017. In January 2018 the Bearish decline kicked in. With little or no favours the highs of Bitcoins $25k value had declined all the way down under $6500 a world of pump and dumps, and the more institutionalised corporate markings of a failed Virtual Monetary System could send this intangible digital currency to the grave.
Bitcoin is a pioneer of digital currency, or we should say crypto-assets or security tokens; today, it is building solid commerce connections around the world with businesses taking to the intangible virtual money. The only thing is Banks and Governments still despise it turning less in favour of cryptocurrency.
Eventually, a summary of seeing its principles move aside the Fiat Monetary System as we know it is now a long way off. So what does this mean for the Crypto-Space? It says it is still in its infancy, even though Bitcoin is at an all-time low since 2014's mishap it means more developing and innovation of the Blockchain still needs pursuing.
Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash have lost value over the past nine months. Ethereum the worst hit has crashed at a sixteen month all-time low.
While the US dollar fights it out against the world today in 2018, Bitcoin, on the other hand, needs tending too. I believe poor judgement, division within the community and development, hard fork after hard fork, failed initial coin offerings (ICO's), institutional, corporate meddling, and the ongoing pump and dumps, has been the negative dive we are now witnessing, which has struck the independent crypto investors out of the equation for now.
So does this mean with cryptocurrency forever fluctuating and volatile tough calls for a stronger regulated and governed policy? I for most believe "Decentralised" and a well-developed Blockchain is needed. Technology has changed society we see significant flaws it has for the growth of cryptography in many ways it could be the low much are necessary to sustain a viable stronger presence from security, peer 2 peer transactions, safer encrypted passwords for digital monetary advances.

The benefits of Bitcoin today is to keep HODLn (Hold on for dear life) keeping your ones and zeroes stored off the grid period. I believe there is a way and that is the new innovation and technological integration of The Blockchain. One day an alternative Blockchain will open the floodgates CGW is working on an alternative crypto-asset.


   Why? The IMF, SEC and World Organisations       have there sights on Bitcoin and Altcrypto... 

The International Monetary Fund placed documentation online, in 2015 on how it would bring future policies into play for Monetary, Capital Markets, Legal, Strategy, and Policy Review of Bitcoin.
Initial Considerations for the virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other alternatives will have an impact on you, me, and future generations?. The International Monetary Fund supposedly would maintain these new laws of virtual monetary policies The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has its policy, regulation and procedures at present rejecting The Winklevoss Twins Bitcoins ETF application a second time in July 2018. Can cryptocurrencies standardise processes? Thus for future purposes concentrating its primary objective on advanced Blockchain Technology present and future smart contracts. I believe Bitcoin is not Anonymous and personally, don't see a Decentralize concept due to the endless hard forks and the upheaval with the core of bitcoin and other factions for and against within Blockstreams institution itself. Blockchain? No matter the challenges, however, innovation and crypto-assets arriving on the scene are creating more authentic, secure, faster, and decentralised blockchains. For me, it is only one part of the equation verified; other contributions need to be added for cryptocurrencies to thrive long term, developers of blockchain are too high in the clouds to notice this. The goal achievable is the green tick and approval of The Securities and Exchange Commission, the first to tender intangible digital currencies will be the stronghold of blockchains advance to balance the economy of the 21st century and beyond.

July 2018 The Winklevoss Twins try a second Bitcoin ETF application (Exchange Traded Fund) again The SEC (Security Exchange Commission) rejects it. Lets hope Gemini paves new frontiers where Bitcoin is failing.