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TIP: Bitcoin is now in record gains, so what does this mean? It means you now have the chance to benefit off Altcoins that now exceed over one billion dollars in Market Capital. Here are the Cryptocurrencies to add to your wealth portfolio. 
1. Ethereum           5. Bitcoin Gold
2. Ripple                 6. Dash
3. Litecoin               8. Cardano
4. Bitcoin Cash       9. IOTA

   Keep an eye out for Monero and Zcash
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Why Bitcoin is surging on the stock-market over the past few weeks, with Richard Branson and The Blockchain Summit by Bitfury June 2016 on Necker Island, British Virgin Islands talks about the present and future visions improving the monetary system through technology.
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In August and September 2015 the beginning of another global economic crisis currencies started to collapse and create another stock market crash.
The devaluation of the Yuan and high inflation of the US Dollar began raising concerns the world's economy was now volatile.
A loss of one trillion dollars in August alone brought the world economy to its knees high inflation, global unemployment, global warming, war, terrorism throwing fuel on the fire causing widespread chaos, anarchy, crisis, we are now living in a dystopian present.

The Positivity of Bitcoin and other Altcoins are making the Virtual Monetary System a favorable system for the common future.

Bitcoin is the pioneer of the digital currency, building solid commerce around the world with thousands of businesses taking on the virtual currency Big Brands, Banks, and Governments turning more in favor to cryptocurrency.

Eventually a summary of seeing it's principles move aside the Fiat Monetary System as we know it could it be in the very near future (quite likely).

The worlds? the economic deficit is plummeting at this present moment this could lead towards a domino effect in favour of a virtually cashless society.
With stronger ties of the industry today, there are over 150 - 200 cryptocurrencies with hundreds on the stock market at present, (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Dash).

While the dollar and yuan fight it out Bitcoin, on the other hand, has positively been doing well on the stock-market completing 2015 on $608 AUD / $422 USD.
So does this mean with cryptocurrency forever fluctuating and volatile could it be regulated and governed? Technology has changed our society so much we are seeing the biggest growth of cryptography in many ways from security, e-commerce, and monetary advances, 2016 is seeing an advance into The Blockchain, and possibly block of up to 7mb from its 1mb at present.

The world's first country adopting the Virtual Monetary System Greece has taken on a thousand bitcoin atm machines around the country, with its anonymity, tax-free, the decentralized system the idea is commerce driven services and goods paid direct from buyer to seller zero or little transaction fees, cutting out bank fees altogether.

The benefits of today's Bitcoin has pioneered the way opening up a new innovation for future cryptocurrency opportunities.
S-Coin is one of these many Altcoin protege's coming through built on direct affiliate connections globally leading Coinspace to expand and build supply and demand with over fifty thousand members June - September 2016.

Cryptocurrency Global Wealth aim is to design a FREE Cryptocurrency Training System helping with a mobile Application training interactive system to easily duplicate and begin a Domino effect for everyone.

Coinspace has made this possible with a monetary wealth system that everyone from the tiny, small, serious, or tycoon investor willing to stake a piece of the apple pie with S Coin (Sc) a virtual currency designed to open every commerce, e-commerce, security, innovation, and monetary system the world has.

Coinspace aim is to be part of the many Altcoins available with mass supply and demand the core of building a longevity currency it's core comes down to how many of the masses will become part of it.

Cryptocurrency Global Wealth is to bring simplicity to all interests, Coinspace as the vehicle, Cryptocurrency in simple terms.


  Why? The IMF and World Organisations have       there sights on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency 

The International Monetary Fund placed a PDF documentation online, on how to bring future policy into play for Monetary and Capital Markets, Legal, Strategy, and Policy Review.
Initial Considerations for virtual currencies like Bitcoin will have an impact on you, me, and future generations.
Click on the tab below for the PDF Document, how The International Monetary Fund will bring in and maintain these new laws of virtual monetary policies today, thus for future purposes concentrating its primary objective on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, present and future Altcoin contracts. Bitcoin is an Anonymous and Decentralize concept where the Bitcoin Community are in a toss up whether to keep, Peer 2 Peer Cryptography, and The Blockchain that way.
Click on the tab to give you an idea of how far Bitcoin has come with its advance in the Blockchain and why interests have drawn in the International Monetary Fund, United Nations, and The World Trade Organisation.

I M F S T A F F  D I S C U S S I O N  N O T E
Virtual Currencies and Beyond:
Initial Considerations

June 2016 Bitcoin Blockchain Summit
- Necker Island

The second Cryptocurrency Global Innovation at Richard Branson's Necker Island, the British Virgin Islands - June 2016 - The Bitfury Group, a leading full-service Blockchain technology company, hosted its inimitable Blockchain Summit in partnership with MaiTai Global on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island from June 4th - June 7th, 2016.
This unique Summit welcomed key global influencers in technology, civil society, democracy promotion and innovation to a riveting discussion about the world-changing potential applications of the Blockchain to include but not limited to democracy promotion, cyber security, the sharing economy, voting and land titling.

Full Credits to the Bitfury Group.

Thank you for sharing the insight and value of Bitcoin and the Blockchain the Future of The Virtual Monetary System.

find out the highlight of the Summit click on the link below.





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