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  The 21st Century Economy Is Crypto​​
Welcome to Cryptocurrency Global Wealth the free share site which has been a 'DIY' Basics of Bitcoin and the Crypto-space since September 2015. In Cryptocurrency Global Wealth you will find a ton of valuable information on Bitcoin, Ethereum and two thousand alternative cryptocurrencies on the Crypto-Currency Market Capitalization today in (2018). Cryptocurrency Global Wealth is an option of open source data from cryptopreneurs, experts, start-up companies, exchanges, crypto consortium university, alternative online news on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero, AEON, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, EOS, and many advanced Altcoins on the market. In CGW you will receive the latest reports from Alternative Free Crypto Media "Bitcoin is Money."
It's where we bring you the latest updates from Alternative global news, CGW's personal views, Profesional insight and valued information which you can invest and monetise with good, specifics in Bitcoin and other altcoin investments. As the viewer, the site is an understanding the mediocrity of Blockchain Technology and the importance of it all in today's modern digital world. CGW's value is for you to learn the basics, research and self-knowledge. Through nine years of being informed about the reality of Bitcoin and its ecosystem cryptocurrencies actual progress in real trading, legitimate exchanges, and an in-depth understanding of arbitrage trading, Bitcoins foundation and its history, it is where you will begin to understand who? Created Bitcoin, and why?. Secondly what makes a legal Cryptocurrency from its well-thought processed whitepaper, POS (Proof of Stake) POW (Proof of Works), POB (Proof of Burn), or POC (Proof of Concept) and newer Proofs of advance Blockchain methods. It is essential to know, why Cryptocurrency Start-up companies need to have authentication if they are to participate in the 'Crypto Industry' as a legitimate business? Yes, 100%. How can you become involved? Know how to become productive in real productivity with ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings). Projects that are regulated, digital-friendly to investors, aware and knowledgeable of scam ICO's. How can you tell the difference between real or fake startups in ICO's? What is Peer 2 Peer Cryptography, The LNP Lightening Network Protocol, Blockchain primary principle, what is a permanent ledger? How can you learn to Mine Bitcoin, Scrypt Mining CPU/GPU Mining Altcoins FREE? The source of untraceable Altcoins such as Kryptonite Cryptocurrencies. Fin Tech development, how can one become employed, innovative adapt higher learning education within the industry. Following the top twenty cryptocurrencies from lucrative to penny-start up cryptocurrencies over a twelve month or five-year plan that could build your crypto wealth portfolio from investing in as little as fifty dollars by turning it into a generation crypto wealth portfolio. Learn the basic principles while you earn long-term. Cryptocurrency Global Wealth was created to give people of interest globally the positive start needed before moving on to advanced solutions and projects elsewhere it is the ultimate go-to site millions have benefit globally by beginning their free research here. The Virtual Monetary System today is why Cryptocurrency or should I say! Crypto Assets or Crypto Secure Tokens will be the Digital Commodity to take over the Fiat Monetary System electronically soon. You now have the chance "to become part of the Disruptive crypto Industry, as it is still in its infancy nine years later. A thriving volatile industry with a total Market Cap: $191,778,903,224, trading buy/sell 24h Vol: $11,248,439,197 and Bitcoin Dominance: 56.9% the disruptive sector is to move towards a Trillion dollar infrastructure. What it needs is to create a system that can regulate and legal tender approved by The SEC/EFT (Securities & Exchange Commission/Exchange Traded Fund) at present Bitcoin has failed in its second bid for approval due to the still volatile of its authenticity and security. It is why it needs to build a stronger concept or an alternative Advanced Blockchain technology crypto tangible and intangible secured commodity. The digital monetary economy of the 21st century is here the race to control a reliable and to obtain a cryptography system that can not be compromised or attacked. Welcome to Cryptocurrency Global Wealth dot com. We have in development AOX Crypto Asset coming soon the move to lose volatility of the Cryptospace begins here with Alpha Omega Project X.


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Why? Andreas Is Important to know when you have invested in Bitcoin or other Alernative Cryptos, Bitcoin is The First Blockchain Ecosystem